Can Amazon Sidewalk Impact My Smart Thermostat?


Can Amazon Sidewalk Impact My Smart Thermostat?

Can Amazon Sidewalk Impact My Smart Thermostat?

Amazon's newest release, the Sidewalk, is creating a more connected world for all of our electronic devices, like our smart thermostats. This shared network allows various wi-fi devices to connect to Amazon Sidewalk Bridges to access the internet. Some common Sidewalk Bridges include Echo devices, Spotlight cams, smart thermostats, and even Ring floodlights.

Sharing A Local Network

The Amazon Sidewalk network helps to extend the range of connected devices, like your smart thermostat, when your home wi-fi doesn't extend far enough, or your service is not adequate. Think of this new network as a group wi-fi network that allows you and your neighbors to share connectivity. The more neighbors in your development that have Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, the stronger your network connection will be.

A Note On Bandwidth

One of the first concerns that many homeowners have when it comes to hearing about this new Amazon Sidewalk network is that their own connectivity signal will decline. We've all learned that too many devices on a network can strain it and leave everyone with an annoyingly slow connection. Fortunately, Amazon Sidewalk is set up specifically to use no more than 80Kpbs of bandwidth. This is equivalent to about 1/40th of the bandwidth required to stream a high-definition video.

Concerns About Security

Another major concern that homeowners have about the new Amazon Sidewalk is their security. When it comes to electronic devices and connectivity, most are overly afraid of data breaches and theft. The reality is that this concern needs put into perspective. Every electronic device you install in your home, like your smart thermostat, comes at a risk. The more devices you install, the more risk that you're taking on. With the Amazon Sidewalk, there are three main layers of security to prevent breaching. In addition, information sent over the network is unreadable by Amazon. Rather, only the sender and the recipient are able to read the information. This smart security programming allows Amazon to promote the Sidewalk as a safe and convenient solution for everyone.

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