Spring Cleaning is Around the Corner

As spring fever hits, and everyone is spring cleaning, spring isn't the only thing in the air. It is in the air conditioning, too! When humidity and warmer days begin, you can be sure the temperatures inside our homes are rising too. We all know what this means...it's time to turn on the air conditioning. How long has it been since you checked or maintained your HVAC system?

Don't Be a Hot Homeowner

Spring Cleaning Your HVAC Unit
When dealing with the world of HVAC you may not know all of the lingo that go along with this topic. Often times a person will think that they don’t need to understand the terms and phrases and will not make any type of effort to even understand. For the rest of us that want to know about our home services and what the experts are saying, you can read on to get a basic understanding of the terms that are associated with HVAC as well as HVAC professionals. This will help you to not feel like the only person in the room that has no idea what is being said.
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The proper range for humidity range for a home is between 35 to 50 percent. If the humidity levels are too low, they can make you sick and cause sinus issues. If the levels are too high, it promotes the growth of mold. A humidifier is a good tool to keep the humidity right in your home. A HVAC Professional can help you get a humidifier.

Low Humidity

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Home automation is connecting several devices to make them work together. You can control some of these devices from a laptop, smartphone, or motion sensors. Some devices can be voice activated. This can give you a more secure, comfortable home, and save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Home Security

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By December 25th, you can find a tree standing in most houses. After all, Christmas is one of the year’s most important holidays. It is a time when gifts represent the love you have for the family, and candles represent wishes. Many years ago, every house had a Christmas log buring for the next twelve days and nights. Over the years, we have adapted from candles and burning logs to heaters and other devices. There are new ways to keep you and your loved ones warm during your holidays.

Having a Warm Home During Winter

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