What Exactly is Home Automation?


What Exactly is Home Automation?

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Home automation is connecting several devices to make them work together. You can control some of these devices from a laptop, smartphone, or motion sensors. Some devices can be voice activated. This can give you a more secure, comfortable home, and save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Home Security

Automation technology can send alerts to your smartphone. These let you know about problems at your home. If there is a fire or a break-in, an emergency notification will go to your smartphone. You will get an alert if any doors or windows are open when you are not at home.
An added security feature can turn the lights on at a certain time when you're on vacation. That way, people won't know you're not home. You can also program all the lights in the house to come on if someone is breaking in.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Another feature of home automation is the ability for your lights to run on a schedule. This includes timers, remote controls, or voice activated. You can have the hallway and bathroom light turn on right as you're waking up, or as the alarm clock is chiming. The HVAC system can turn up the heat right before you get up from under the warm blankets.

Save Energy with Zoning

You can set timers on specific rooms to have the lighting and HVAC systems come on during certain times. For example, you can have the heat turned on to a comfortable level in the room during the hours you'll be in there. If one person in the house likes it warm, only their bedroom can be warmer, instead of heating the whole house.

Find the Right Thermostat

You can use smart thermostats with a remote control or a timer. You can also use a motion detector to sense when a person is walking into the room. Some can be voice activated to adjust the heat or lighting per your instructions.
Turning your home into a smart home has many benefits, and can save you lots of money on your energy bill. You can impress your friends as the lights and heat turn on as they enter the room. Your family will be more comfortable with the HVAC system set to their preference.
With some research, you can find a system that will fit your budget, and keep your home comfortable. It's a good idea to reach out to a certified HVAC professional today. The smart choice for your HVAC needs is to contact us. Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electric can help with all your HVAC needs.

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