Why Is My HVAC Unit Leaking Water?


Why Is My HVAC Unit Leaking Water?

HVAC leaking

Unfortunately, your air conditioning system may malfunction from time to time. If you notice that it's leaking water, it's vital to shut the system off and identify the source of the problem. You'll want to fix the issue now before it gets even worse and costlier to fix.

Clogged Drain Line

The most common cause of a leaking HVAC system is a clogged drain line. As your air conditioning system runs, it removes excess humidity from the air. The water droplets coming out of the air land on the outside of the evaporator coil and drip down into the drain pan. When your HVAC system is working, the water will go down the drain into the drain line and exit your home. But, if your drain line has a clog, it can prevent that excess moisture from draining. Cleaning out any debris at the drain and in the line will allow the water to flow again.

Refrigerant Leak

Unfortunately, it's common to see liquid on the floor and think it's water when it's refrigerant. In most cases, you should be able to hear the refrigerant leaking from copper pipes in your HVAC system. It will sound like a bubbling or hissing sound. It's vital to immediately shut off your air conditioning system. Contact an HVAC professional to check and fix the issue. Refrigerant can be a dangerous substance when not handled the right way.

Faulty Drain Pan

Another cause of leaking water for your HVAC system can be the result of a faulty drain pan. Over time, rust can form on your drain pan and cause it to corrode. When this happens, water will be able to flow out of the corroded area and onto your floor. After removing any standing water, you should be able to spot if it has corrosion. If it does, a professional will need to replace it.

Failed Condensate Pump

Another part of your HVAC system that can cause leaking water when it fails is the condensate pump. This pump transports water from your drain pan to the outside of your home. Condensate pumps are only used on systems that cannot use gravity to drain them. For example, if you have your HVAC system in your basement, it will need the condensate pump. This part will pump it uphill to the exterior of your home. This issue can be more difficult for the novice homeowner to diagnose. If you've checked for all causes of leaking water to no avail, contact an HVAC professional. They can determine if your condensate pump has failed.

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