Your 2019 Home Wish List


Your 2019 Home Wish List

Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric | Your 2019 Home Wish List

By December 25th, you can find a tree standing in most houses. After all, Christmas is one of the year’s most important holidays. It is a time when gifts represent the love you have for the family, and candles represent wishes. Many years ago, every house had a Christmas log buring for the next twelve days and nights. Over the years, we have adapted from candles and burning logs to heaters and other devices. There are new ways to keep you and your loved ones warm during your holidays.

Having a Warm Home During Winter

Temperature defines the comfort of your home. You want to guarantee you and your loved ones a comfortable Christmas. Your whole family can appreciate improved air circulation in your home. Use any of the following methods to improve the air circulation in your home.
  • Install windows that are more energy-efficient.
  • Use UV light.
  • Switch to a programmable thermostat (Wi-Fi enabled).
  • Add extra window and attic insulation.
  • Try whole-house zoning.
  • Upgrade to a high-efficient gas furnace.
  • Invest in an indoor air cleaner.
  • Install new roofing.

Maintaining Your Gas Furnace

Cleaning and checking the gas furnace is one of the easiest ways to improve your home. Even the mean radiant temperature can improve when you use the strategies above. Some may even make your household comfortable at a very affordable price.

Unplug Unused Appliances

Whenever you plug in a device, they will continue to use energy. This can amount up to an extra $100 a year per appliance! It is important that you equip your home with one of the individual heating components. You can decrease your home's energy consumption. An HVAC system can help you reduce energy usage and costs.

Adequate Ventilation

To ensure proper ventilation, have an HVAC professional do a home energy audit. With a home energy audit, experts can find ways to reduce the energy usage in your home. They will look for signs of air leakage, insulation, and underperformance of equipment. Or they can tell you when to use a programmable thermostat. One way to lower your bills is to program your thermostat. Keep your heat between 10 and 15 degrees at certain times of the day. This can prevent you from overpaying on a monthly basis. With the press of a button, you can manage the temperature while traveling for the holidays.

Contact the Professionals at Cahill

A professional audit can also tell you how to weather windows against storms and drafts. Best of all, you can improve heat retention by 25- 50% by listening to the professionals. Vital information such as this can help you avoid heat loss for many years to come. Contact the experts at Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, & Electric at 847-469-1794.

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