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  • Should You Use a Humidifier or Dehumidifier for Winter?

    Humidifier or Dehumidifier
    The first thing most people think of when it comes to winter is heat, but there is another element to indoor air quality and comfort you can't overlook. Keeping the humidity level in your home balanced during the winter prevents mold growth and respiratory illness.
  • Mold Exposure Symptoms: What You Need to Know

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    Mold Exposure
    Mold is a type of fungus that can grow in damp homes. This fungus grows in fiberboard, wood, or gypsum board. Most homes, both older and newer homes, use these materials. Being exposed to this type of fungus is not good for you. You need to address the problem as soon as you can.

    Mold Symptoms

  • What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

    Indoor Air Pollution
    If you aren't concerned about indoor air pollution, then you need to learn more about its dangers. You spend more time inside your home than anywhere else, and if you work or go to school, then those environments must meet certain air quality standards. Here is what HVAC professionals believe can lead to poor air quality inside your home.
  • What is the Best Way to Heat and Cool My Home?

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    Heating and Cooling Indoors
    With the prices of energy going to increase as well, so does your utility bills. This same holds true during the summer. So, what’s the best way to heat and cool your home without having to overwork your HVAC system and pay a fortune?
  • 5 Types of Air Conditioning Units

    Types of Air Conditioners
    When the temperature rises, we find ways to cool down. But, what happens when you go to turn on the AC and it only blows hot air? At this point, you have two options. You can call an HVAC professional for inspection or learn to deal with the heat. If option two isn’t cutting it, we’re here to help.
  • Why Does My Air Conditioner Leak Water?

    Leaking Air Conditioner
    It is time for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, with warmer temperatures also comes leaking air conditioners. One of the most frequently asked questions during the summer is “Why does my air conditioner leak water?”
  • When Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner?

    Repair or Replace

    When your air conditioner stops working, knowing if you should repair or replace it can be tricky.

  • How to Stay Cool at Home During Summer

    Staying Cool in Summer
    Summer is almost here and everyone is excited to go on vacation or simply spending more time engaging in outdoor activities. However, even as we celebrate the arrival of summer, one thing that worries everyone is how to deal with the summer heat.