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6 Warning Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring in Your Home
Some wiring faults may not be life-threatening, while others can be risky to the environment. Here are common signs that your wiring system is faulty.
Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Air Ducts
Air ducts are fundamental in the house ventilation system. How do you know your ducts need replacement? Outlined below are some suggestions.
Electrical Surges and Smart Thermostats: What You Need To Know
A programmable thermostat, like other devices in your home, uses power, and it is essential to protect them from possible electrical surges.
Choosing The Perfect Place For Your Generator
When you plan to get a generator, you will have to choose the perfect spot. By following local ordinances and keeping close to the electric meter.
Can Amazon Sidewalk Impact My Smart Thermostat?
Amazon's newest release, the Sidewalk, is creating a more connected world for all of our electronic devices, like our smart thermostats, but is it secure?
When Independence Day rolls around, we expect a hot, fun day. While you'll likely be outdoors, it's necessary to keep your home cool for your guests.
Air Conditioning or Windows: Which is Better?
You have two main options for cooling your home. You can utilize a centralized HVAC air conditioning unit, or you can opt for keeping the windows open. Which one will be more energy efficient?
Why Is My AC Making Weird Noises
Unfortunately, unexpected noises can happen, and being able to identify them early can help you to avoid costly repairs in the long run. Start by taking a second to identify the noise that your HVAC system is making.
Could Insects Be Coming From The HVAC System?
Insects getting into your home through your HVAC system sounds like something out of a bad horror movie. Unfortunately, it can be very real reality!
How Humidity Affects Air Conditioning
Here's what you need to know about humidity and how it impacts your air conditioning and HVAC system.
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