Can Tornadoes Impact My HVAC System?


Can Tornadoes Impact My HVAC System?

Can Torandoes Impact My HVAC System?

Tornados can be extremely nasty storms that can damage many different components of your home. One of the most costly components to get repaired is your HVAC system. Tornados can actually damage various components of your HVAC system that will need to be repaired by an HVAC professional.


If you've ever experienced a tornado before, you know that lightning is a common component of the storm. This can be extremely dangerous for many different household components, especially your HVAC system. The surge of power can run through your HVAC system and cause malfunctioning of your electrical components. To avoid having to pay out loads of money to get this issue repaired by an HVAC professional, you should plan ahead. Any HVAC professional can easily install a surge protector to protect your HVAC system from any surges during a tornado.

Hail Damage

Tornados are also well-known for creating hail damage. While most of the components of your HVAC system are placed indoors, the condenser unit remains outdoors. This means that it's prone to damage by hail created by the tornado. The hail will pound down on the HVAC condenser unit and cause denting. When this denting happens to the metal fan fins, it can decrease your HVAC unit's efficiency. It's best to contact an HVAC professional to repair the unit before running your HVAC system. To prevent this tornado problem from happening, you should purchase a hardcover for your HVAC condenser unit and install it prior to the storm. Ensure that you turn off your HVAC unit while the cover is on it.

Water Damage

Another common repair that HVAC professionals find themselves dealing with after a tornado hits is water damage. Water can be extremely damaging to the internal components of your HVAC system and lead the metal pieces to rust. If your unit has experienced flooding, it's best to turn the HVAC system off and contact an HVAC professional to repair it. To prevent water damage, always put a cover over your HVAC condenser unit and ensure the unit sits up off of the ground.

Wind Damage

Tornados are also known for their strong winds. These windstorms can cause a plethora of loose debris to enter the outdoor condenser unit of your HVAC system. When this outdoor HVAC unit becomes clogged with debris, it will not function correctly. You'll need to contact an HVAC professional to come and clean out the HVAC unit. Windstorms from a tornado can also be powerful enough to completely topple over your HVAC unit. If this happens, it's best to shut off your HVAC unit and call in a professional to help with the matter.

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