Could Insects Be Coming From The HVAC System?


Could Insects Be Coming From The HVAC System?

Could Insects Be Coming From The HVAC System?

Insects getting into your home through your HVAC system sounds like something out of a bad horror movie. Unfortunately, it can be very real reality! The good news is that an HVAC professional just might be able to help minimize issues with insects by addressing some related problems with your HVAC system and its various parts and connecting vents.

Air Vents = a Pathway for Insects

Your HVAC air vents are a common point of entry into your home for insects. If you're noticing smaller spiders and other tiny or smaller insects in your inside living spaces, your HVAC vents may very well be their preferred entry point.

Use Screens to Keep Insects Out of HVAC Vents

An HVAC professional can help you cover your HVAC air vents with screenings or netting. You can also do this yourself by taking off the inside HVAC vent covers to measure the openings. Next, cut the screening that's designed to keep insects out and fit over the openings. Finish up by securing the HVAC air vent covers again.

Use Caulk for Outside HVAC Vent Openings

Keep insects from even getting into your inside HVAC ducts by also covering the outside ducts. Use the same method mentioned above. The additional step you'll want to take to keep insects out is to apply caulking around your exterior HVAC vents.

Look for Flaws/Cracks around Other Exterior Spaces

Insects can get into your home through any crack or opening. So, as long as you're busy caulking around exterior HVAC vents, check for other cracks or flaws. Pay attention to possible pathways for insects around windows and doors. Also, check for cracks in your outside walls or around your foundation.

Other Steps to Take

Insects can also affect your outside HVAC unit. Minimize this problem by trimming weeds and removing plants that are growing too close to your outside unit. Additionally, make sure your window units are properly installed. Screening can also placed over window unit panels or "fins" to keep insects out.

Get Some Professional Pest Help

If insects have made their way into other parts of your home, call an exterminator. They can safely and thoroughly take care of insects that have set up shop deeper within your home. Also, don't spray insecticides directly into your HVAC vents since hazardous chemicals to be carried throughout your home when your HVAC system operates.

Have Your HVAC Ducts Checked

Once an exterminator has mitigated any other issues with insects, give our HVAC pros a call. We'll check your HVAC ducts to determine if there are any cracks or loose parts that could be entry points for insects or other pests. Having your HVAC ducts checked professionally also helps your HVAC system operate more efficiently.

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