Electrical Surges and Smart Thermostats: What You Need To Know


Electrical Surges and Smart Thermostats: What You Need To Know

Electrical Surges and Smart Thermostats: What You Need To Know

The chances are that anyone with a smart thermostat has also invested in another assortment of expensive electronics. A programmable thermostat, like other devices, uses power, and before enjoying the full effect of automation, it is essential to protect them from possible surges. The advice by any HVAC professional is that it is necessary to install surge protection.

Why Is Surge Protection Necessary?

Surge protector keeps smart devices, including a smart thermostat, safe if the electrical grid experiences a voltage spike. It is better to protect devices as surges can occur due to various triggers, including:
  • Lighting
  • Downed lines
  • Spikes and drops from power demand by neighbors
  • Fluctuations caused by a switch on and off by our devices
Power surges affect even the HVAC system. They destroy smart thermostats and other appliances in the HVAC system. Surge protection is a wise investment since modern electronic devices are susceptible to the smallest of spikes. Remember that an average home can experience up to 20 fluctuations a day.

What Are Suitable Types Of Surge Protection?

Surge Protected Power Strip

This type protects appliances like a smart thermostat when you plug into the strip from power fluctuation hits, so buying enough strips to fit all devices is important. Take care when purchasing surge protected power strips as it is not all that offer protection. Find UL-listed protectors that heed manufacturer instructions on time to replace them and specifically written surge protection or suppression. Many have a similar design, but they only have additional outlets without protection. Know that strips do not last forever, so determine the replacement date and replace before then rather than deal with smart thermostat repairs because of inefficiency.

Whole House Surge Protection

A whole-home surge protector provides the best complete protection for smart thermostat and all devices in a house. They are best for areas where power surges or lightning strikes are frequent. Whole house protection devices should be installed on the electric panel between a power meter and breaker box. A whole house surge protector functions like a pressure relief valve by blocking or diverting excess current safely to the ground and protecting all appliances, including a smart thermostat.

Can Homeowners Install A Surge Protector?

We all can install surge protected power strips. However, installing a whole-house surge protector is a job that requires the skills of a professional electrician with an eye for detail. A professional electrician ensures proper grounding of a home because your surge protection system will not protect your smart thermostat and other devices adequately. The installation is a professional endeavor because of the electrical dangers, but a skilled electrician takes around 2 hours. The protection offered during a single power surge is enough to pay back for the investment considering the expensive cost of a smart thermostat and other devices.

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