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  • How Can I Lower My Electric Bill During the Winter?

    • Category: Electric
    How Can I Lower My Electric Bill During the Winter?
    No one likes to spend their money on wasted energy during the cold winter, so what can you do to save energy in the home and keeping your hard-earned money for yourself?

    Better Windows

    Windows are helpful for energy efficiency in what they let in and what they keep out. If you have the option to invest in energy-efficient windows, you ma...
  • Should You Use a Humidifier or Dehumidifier for Winter?

    • Category: Heating
    Humidifier or Dehumidifier
    The first thing most people think of when it comes to winter is heat, but there is another element to indoor air quality and comfort you can't overlook. Keeping the humidity level in your home balanced during the winter prevents mold growth and respiratory illness. You'll also find your home far more comfortable with the...
  • Mold Exposure Symptoms: What You Need to Know

    • Category: HVAC News
    Mold Exposure
    Mold is a type of fungus that can grow in slightly damp homes. This fungus grows in materials, such as fiberboard, wood, or gypsum board, and sadly most homes have these materials. Being exposed to this type of fungus is not good for you, and you need to address the problem as soon as you can.

    Symptoms Linked to Mold

    The first thing you...
  • What Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

    Indoor Air Pollution
    If you aren't concerned about indoor air pollution, then you need to learn more about its dangers. You spend more time inside your home than anywhere else, and if you work or go to school, then those environments must meet certain air quality standards. Here is what HVAC professionals believe can lead to poor air quality...
  • What is the Best Way to Heat and Cool My Home?

    • Category: HVAC News
    Heating and Cooling Indoors
    Depending on where you live, your energy bills may increase during the cooler months as the demand for hot water and heat increases. With the prices of energy going to increase as well, so does your utility bills. This same holds true during the summer. So, what’s the best way to heat and...
  • Types of Air Conditioners

    Types of Air Conditioners

    Types of Air Conditioner Units

    When the temperature heats up, we immediately want to find ways to cool down. But just as luck would have it, when you go to turn on the AC, it only blows hot air. At this point, you have two options; call an HVAC professional for inspection or learn to deal with the heat. If option two just isn’t cutting it...
  • Why Does My Air Conditioner Leak Water?

    Leaking Air Conditioner

    Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

    It is time for fun in the sun. Unfortunately, with warmer temperatures also comes leaking air conditioners. One of the most frequently asked questions during the summer is “Why does my air conditioner leak water?” There are multiple reasons as to why this happens but before...
  • Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

    Repair or Replace

    When to Repair or Replace

    When your air conditioner malfunctions, knowing whether you should repair it or replace it can be tricky. Do you wait it out and try to repair it, or do you throw in the towel and replace your air conditioner entirely? Many factors should be considered before making a fin...
  • How to Stay Cool for the Summer

    Staying Cool in Summer

    Summer Heat and Staying Cool

    Summer is almost here and everyone is excited to go on vacation or simply spending more time engaging in outdoor activities. However, even as we celebrate the arrival of summer, one thing that worries everyone is how to deal with the summer heat. Furthermore, if the high temperatures are not addressed, they co...
  • Summer Air Conditioning Safety

    Summer Air Conditioning Safety

    A/C Safety

    The team at Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric hopes everyone will enjoy a safe, happy summer. Unfortunately, in the United States, air conditioning units and fans sometimes contribute to house fires during the hottest months of the year. The scope of this problem surprises some people. For example, during the four...
  • Tips to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

    • Category: HVAC News
    Energy Efficient Home

    An Energy Efficient Home

    There are many benefits to taking steps to make your home more energy efficient, and it's not always as difficult or expensive as you may think. Whether you're looking to save some money or just want to help the environment, these four simple tips can help you make your home more energy efficient.

    1. Ensure Y...

  • Spring Energy Saving Tips For Your AC

    • Category: HVAC News
    Energy Saving Tips

    Emergy Saving in Your Home

    Warm weather is quickly approaching which means energy saving time, and everyone is trading in their hot cocoa and warm coffee for frozen smoothies and iced coffees. While most of these seasonal spring changes are welcomed with open arms, your ever-increasing electricity bill probably will not be. Fortunately, t...
  • HVAC Tips For Pet Owners

    • Category: HVAC News
    HVAC Tips For Pet Owners
    You love your cats and dogs, but you might not love all of the fur that they shed. Not only can fur and pet dander cause allergy symptoms to worsen, but it can also cause your air conditioner and furnace to need more maintenance. While you can't keep your pet from shedding, by incorporating a few tasks into your daily, weekly, and monthly routine,...
  • Spring Cleaning Your HVAC Unit

    • Category: HVAC News
    Spring Cleaning Your HVAC Unit

    Spring Cleaning is Around the Corner

    As spring fever hits, and everyone is spring cleaning, spring isn't just in the air, it is in the air conditioning! When the first signs of humidity and warmer days begin to raise the temperatures outside, you can be sure the temperatures inside our homes are rising too. We all know what this means...i...
  • Air Filters And Seasonal Allergies

    Seasonal Allergies
    As many as 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies each spring and fall. Allergies cause sneezing, coughing, and phlegm irritations. While allergies can be caused by blooming plants and household pets, there are other more insidious causes. Here’s more information about non-natural causes and how to fix them.

    Causes of Seasonal All...

  • HVAC Vocabulary Lesson

    • Category: HVAC News
    Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric | HVAC Vocabulary Lesson
    When dealing with the world of HVAC you may not know all of the lingo that go along with this topic. Often times a person will think that they don’t need to understand the terms and phrases and will not make any type of effort to even understand. For the rest of us that want to know about our home services and what the experts are saying, you can r...
  • Humidifier FAQ's

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    Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric | Humidifier FAQ's
    The proper range for humidity range for a home is between 35 to 50 percent. If the humidity levels are too low, they can make you sick and cause sinus issues. If the levels are too high, it promotes the growth of mold. A humidifier is a good tool to keep the humidity just right in your home. A HVAC Professional can help you get a humidifier.


  • What Exactly is Home Automation?

    • Category: HVAC News
    Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric | What Exactly is Home Automation?
    Home automation is connecting several devices to make them work together. Some of these devices can be controlled from a laptop, smartphone, or motion sensors. Some devices can be voice activated. This can give you a more secure, comfortable home, and save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

    Home Security

    Automation technology c...
  • Your 2019 Home Wish List

    • Category: HVAC News
    Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electric | Your 2019 Home Wish List
    By 25 December, you can find a tree standing in every house. After all, Christmas is one of the year’s most important holidays. It is a time when gifts represent the love you have for the family, and candles represent wishes. Many years ago, every house was a hotbed for the next twelve days and nights, represented by the burning of a Christmas log....
  • How to Winterize Your Heater

    • Category: Heating
    Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric | Winterize Heater
    The cold weather is starting to set in and that means you’ll be running your heater nearly every day. But before you crank your thermostat, it’s best to make sure you prep your unit for the harsh weather. While it’s best to have your unit examined by a trained technician, there are a few things you can do on your own.
  • How Your Thermostat Could Help Save You Money

    • Category: Electric
    Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric | Home Control
    Most people are prone to running their heater all the time during the winter. But though this can keep your home warm, it can also lead to a costly energy bill. According to Energy Star, most Americans spend an average of $2,000 a year on their energy bills, and almost one-third of those funds are because of your heater. At Cahill, we are comm...