Boiler vs Furnace vs Heat Pump: What's the Difference?


Boiler vs Furnace vs Heat Pump: What's the Difference?

Boiler vs Furnace vs Heat Pump

Although a boiler, furnace, and heat pump can all keep your home warm, there are some confusion about which one is the best option. There are benefits to each choice, so you should talk with an HVAC professional to learn about your unique options. A boiler will turn your fuel source into hot water or steam. A furnace will turn your fuel source into hot air that will be circulated throughout your home. A heat pump pulls heat from the water, ground, or the air. Although all three can provide heat, there are big differences in the way that they do so. Our HVAC company can help you decide which option will be right for you.

Benefits of a Boiler

A boiler can use oil, electricity, natural gas, or other fuel sources, and turn them into steam. The steam will be circulated around your home with the use of radiators and radiant floor systems. You can count on today's boiler system to provide warmth and to give you hot water. You can enjoy steady heat without having to deal with air drafts if you go with a boiler. This choice will help you to have a good air quality, and it is an efficient system that can help lower your energy bills. This type of HVAC system is quieter than other options, and it is also a low-maintenance choice.

Benefits of a Furnace

A furnace will use natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity. It will turn that fuel source into hot air that will be circulated throughout your home using air-ducts. You can count on this type of system for your heating and cooling needs. The initial costs for going with a furnace will be cheaper than most other options.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

A heat pump will use air, the ground, or water to collect heat. This is an efficient way to warm your home since it is collecting heat rather than producing it. A heat pump can be used for heating and cooling, and it can also be used as a dehumidifier. You can choose a ducted or ductless system depending on your unique needs.

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