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Can I Replace My HVAC Unit By Myself?

Can I Replace My HVAC Unit By Myself?

If it is time to have your HVAC unit replaced, you may be curious if you can install your unit by yourself. Getting a new unit can help you save money on your energy bills and ensure that you have a long-lasting machine. It’s important to know that you never want to install it yourself.

Why You Should Never Replace your Unit Yourself

You may think that you know enough to install your HVAC unit. But there are many things that you have to know to do it right. This is why it is best always to have an HVAC company install your system for you. The first thing that an HVAC technician will do is make sure that the new unit is the right size for your home. If they install the wrong size unit into your home, it will not work as well. The technician will also make sure that your ductwork is correct. They may have to retrofit the new unit to work with your ductwork. They will also need to install a thermostat that will work with your HVAC unit. An HVAC technician knows all the rules and regulations when it comes to installing a new system. You have to follow several state and local laws when it comes to installing a new system. If it is not done right, you could face fines. Get a licensed HVAC company to install it.

Removing your Old System

Installing a new HVAC system is only half the job. Once you install a new system, you will need to remove the old system. Removal of old equipment can be tricky and very strenuous. You also have to figure out how to remove chemicals. For example, if there is any Freon in the air-conditioning unit, you will need to dispose of it the right way. The EPA has strict regulations on the disposal of this chemical.

Saving Money when Getting a New HVAC System

If you want to install an HVAC system yourself, you are likely doing this to save money. There are ways to save money when having a professional HVAC company install your new system. Many HVAC companies have specials for the systems and salves. You will be able to save money by choosing an on sale unit. Besides discounts, you will save money in the long run by getting a new unit. You will do this to save on your energy costs each month. Allow an experienced HVAC technician to install your new system. This will let you rest easy knowing that your machine is 100% efficient. You should see a drastic cut in your power consumption each year. If you want to learn more about getting a new HVAC system, please call us today. We are here to help you to save money and get the HVAC system you need.

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