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Electricity Concerns During A Flood

flooding inside of a house.

When the rainy season hits, flooding can become a real hazard. Whenever flood water reaches too high, they can enter your home. This creates massive amounts of water damage. Understanding how to deal with an unexpected water surge and how to prepare for one is a necessity. You need to keep your home and your family safe at all times during a flood.

What to Do When Dealing With a Flood?

If you have a home in the lowlands, it’s likely that your basement may take on water when there is a localized flood. When this happens, you’ll want to keep your electrical safety in mind. Never ever step into a flooded basement. Water can rise and come into contact with electrical outlets, cords, and appliances. Water can become energized by electricity and electrocute you when you touch it. If your breaker box is only accessible when standing in flood waters, then don’t shut it off by yourself. Contact your local electrical company to come out and shut your power off at the meter instead. This will ensure that everyone remains safe from electrocution.

How to Protect Yourself From Electric Shock

Remember that water and electricity don’t mix. You should never use electrical appliances that come into contact with standing water. An electrician should check these areas before you attempt to use them. Additionally, you want to be mindful of where you’re standing when you use electric tools. You should never be within 10 feet of any wet surface. This increases the likelihood of electrocution.

How to Prepare For a Flood

One of the best ways to help to avoid a shock from electricity due to energized water is to prepare your home. If you live in the lowlands, you should have your home prepared to deal with oncoming flood waters. First, you should clear out any electrical appliances in your basement area. This will prevent the flood waters from reaching them and causing damage and shock. Another great tip is to shut off the breakers for outlets or switches in areas of your home that often floods. By killing the power to these, you can avoid electrical shock when they come into contact with water. If your basement floods often, move your electricity breaker box to a higher level of your home. Your laundry room is a good option. This will allow you to gain access to it whenever you need to without risking standing in flood waters. If you’re often dealing with flood waters at your home, it can be helpful to invest in a sump pump system. This will work to pump excess water out of your basement. This will, in turn, reduce the amount of water that your basement takes on due to a flood. Your sump pump can remove the water faster than it can come in. This can help you avoid water interacting with your outlets and switches. This helps you to prevent electrical shock.

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