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3 Best Tips for Heating a Garage

3 Best Tips for Heating a Garage

The garage has many uses for those who want to work on new projects or enjoy their man cave. During the winter, garages can be cold and uncomfortable. This is due to the lack of insulation and heating. If you want to heat your garage, there are a few tips to make it more comfortable.

1. Add Better Insulation

With mild winters, insulation and weather stripping can help maintain the building’s temperature. Iit’s not too expensive to buy new insulation. Plus, you can install it yourself. There are no ongoing costs once it’s installed, making it low-maintenance. You can also add the new weather stripping to doors. This will prevent drafts and lasts for many years.

2. Use a Ductless Mini-Split System

As an air handling unit, a ductless mini-split system uses electricity. This flexibility lets you place it in the garage. The ductless systems often include a remote control for easy operation. Some models even have a cooling option. Use this in the summer to keep the garage cool and comfortable. It’s best to let a professional do the installation.

You can also install radiant heat in the floor of the garage in panels. These tend to have low operating costs. They’re quiet and heat spaces better than other options.

3. Use a Space Heater

A space heater is great to use in the garage. It can direct heat in any direction, whether you’re at a workbench or on a couch. You can also mount them on the ceiling or a wall if you spend more time in a specific area.

Space heaters are energy-efficient. They won’t cause you to spend a lot more on your energy bill. They don’t need any ventilation and you can use it anywhere in the home. Heaters are also easy to set up. You hook them into an outlet without any needed electrical work.

Be sure to look at heating systems options that are easy to control with a thermostat. If you plan to do a lot of woodworking in the garage, talk to a professional HVAC technician. They can help you find the safest model to install. This helps prevent sawdust from mixing with the flammable vapors.


Reach out to Cahill Heating, Cooling, Electric, Plumbing & Sewer to learn about garage heating. Let us make it comfortable with the different options available.

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