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How Can I Tell If The Outlets In My Home Are Working?

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Your home’s electrical system provides you with necessities like light and hot water. The outlets in your home can be harboring unwanted problems that could result in damage or a fire in your home. It’s imperative that you often check the outlets in your home. Make sure that they work and get any issues fixed as soon as possible by a professional electrician.

Top Signs Your Outlet Isn’t Working

There are many obvious signs that your outlet is not working. The most obvious is that the appliances you’re plugging into it aren’t receiving power. It’s best to check at least two appliances before deciding that your receptacle is the issue. Another obvious sign of an outlet malfunction is a smoky smell or scorch marks. You never want to smell electrical burning in your home. If you notice any discoloration or melting near the outlet, consult an electrician. Some signs of existing damage include cracked faceplates and plugs that fall out.

Easy Tests to Discover if Your Outlets Are Working

The easiest way to test an outlet with no electric tools is to plug in many different appliances. If one appliance isn’t working, it could be the appliance that is the issue. But, if five or six appliances aren’t working in an outlet, then the outlet is to blame. A second method for testing a home receptacle is to use a multimeter. This tool is available at most hardware stores and is simple to use. You’ll want to set your multimeter to read voltage, and you’ll be looking for between 110 and 120 volts per outlet. Use the black probe to insert into the larger slot on the left, which is neutral. Push the red probe into the right, smaller slot that is the hot wire. Make sure that you don’t touch the metal part of the multimeter to your hands or each other.

What to Do if Your Outlet Isn’t Working?

If you’ve checked your outlet with the tests that we went over and it isn’t working, call an electrician. Electrical wiring can be dangerous when not used the right way. Unless you are a licensed electrician, it’s best to leave repairs up to the professionals. Remember to kill the power to any outlets that have a smoky smell or discoloration.

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If your home outlets aren’t working or you’d like to have them tested, contact us today. Our licensed electricians can assess all your outlets and fix issues. We don’t want them to wreak havoc on the well-being of your home and family.

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