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How Fireworks Can Impact Your Electrical Lines

Fireworks Can Impact Your Electrical Lines

During Independence Day, your family will be celebrating with some fireworks. While these can create an awesome show for the eye, they can be dangerous when it comes to your electrical lines. It’s important that you take steps to protect your electrical lines from fireworks.

Fireworks and Electrical Lines Don’t Mix

It’s very important that you be mindful of where you light your fireworks. You don’t want to be anywhere near electric lines. You also don’t want to be pointing any moving fireworks at electrical lines. When fireworks come into contact with an electric line, it can lead to a fire. This can cause electric outages and injuries to people standing too close to the lines.

Firework Electrical Safety Tips

Fireworks can be very dangerous when not utilized in a safe manner. It’s best to leave them up to the professionals. They can choose a place to let them off and do so in a safe manner for everybody. If you want to light fireworks at home, there are some specific safety tips that you should use while doing so. You want to choose a safe area that is away from obstructions. This can include things like electrical lines, houses, and mailboxes. Make sure that adults are the only ones lighting fireworks. Keep all children at least 20 feet away from the fireworks being lit. You should always keep a bucket of water near you. You can use this to put out any fires that start as a result of your fireworks.

Managing Power Outages Caused By Fireworks

Unfortunately, you may be without power because somebody else was unsafe with fireworks. When this happens, it’s important that you take a few steps to protect your house and livelihood. Try to reduce opening your freezers and refrigerators to help keep as much cold air in them as possible. Take a moment to disconnect all your major appliances and electronics. This can help you avoid any electrical surges that happen when the electric gets turned back on. You should keep a supply of flashlights available in strategic places in your home. That way, you can grab one whenever the power goes out in the dark overnight hours. Resist the urge to try and use your gas stove to heat your home. This can lead to a dangerous gas leak that could cause your family harm.

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