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How to Winterize Your Heater

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The cold weather is starting to set in and that means you’ll be running your heater almost every day. But before you crank your thermostat, it’s best to make sure you prep your unit for the harsh weather. While it’s best to have your unit examined by a trained technician, there are a few things you can do on your own.

  1. Check your air filter. A dirty filter can prevent your unit from performing at its best and will likely drive up your energy bills. Double check your air filter before you start to use your heater in the cooler months to see if you need to replace it. Then, it’s best to change your filter every month as needed.
  2. Keep your vents clean. When you have clogged air vents, you may have air quality issues. Your heater may not even work at all. Consider vacuuming your vents, or having them cleaned by a professional at Cahill.
  3. Test your thermostat . Sometimes the issues you have with your heater can be because of your thermostat. Before calling a technician, check your thermostat. Make sure it has fresh batteries. To save the most energy, set your thermostat to a cool temperature in the evening and while you are away. You can turn up the temperature when you get home.
  4. Keep your outdoor unit covered . Between the harsh winter and hot summers, you may not be using your unit as much. To keep your outdoor unit performing at its best, you should cover it between the seasons. Purchasing an outdoor unit cover can help you protect your unit from ice, snow, and debris.
  5. Schedule regular maintenance. To keep your unit working, schedule regular maintenance with an experienced technician. During your maintenance, an HVAC technician will inspect your unit for any wear and tear. We will also clean your unit and ensure it is running right.

Make sure your HVAC unit is performing at its best to keep your family stays warm during the winter season. These simple tasks can ensure that your unit works at optimal levels for years to come. To learn more about how to keep your unit performing at its best, contact Cahill today.

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