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HVAC Tips for a Cool 4th of July Celebration

When Independence Day rolls around, most of us are ready for a nice, hot summer day full of fun. While you’ll likely be spending some time outdoors, you need to keep your home nice and cool for your guests. This way, your family can come indoors to relax and recharge in the comfort of your air condition system.

Cook Food Outdoors

When it comes to July Fourth celebrations, food is a must. Since the weather is often nice outdoors, cook the hot food in the outdoor environment. An outdoor grill can let you to prepare and cook meats and other foods. Reserve your kitchen for cool foods, like cutting vegetables or preparing cheese platters. This will reduce the heat in your kitchen and not put any strain on your home HVAC system. It’s expensive to use your home air conditioner to fight the heat from your stove.

Always Stay Hydrated

If you plan on spending a large part of the day outdoors, hydration is a must. It’s recommended that you drink between 16 and 32 ounces of water each hour while you’re outdoors. Throw in a sports drink or two to give your body electrolytes to stay hydrated. Avoid consuming too much alcohol, caffeine, or sugary drinks. These can make you more dehydrated.

Pull Down Your Blinds

Direct sunlight can heat up any room in your home. Instead of relying on your home air condition system to combat this direct heat, block it out to begin with. Use your curtains or blinds to shut off windows that are letting in direct sunlight. Blackout curtains block more direct sunlight than other options on the market. They also allow your HVAC system to work less to air condition your home.

Invest In Portable Fans

You can find portable fans online or at your local hardware store for pretty cheap. These fans can provide more comfort without having to turn on the air conditioning. The breeze from the fan can make you feel two to eight degrees cooler than your thermostat will show.

Replace Your HVAC Air Filter

Before you have your Fourth of July celebration, it’s a good idea to check your air filter. If you pull out the air filter and can’t see through it, then you need to replace it with a new filter. This air filter removes airborne pollutants from your indoor air. When the air filter gets clogged, it makes it much harder for your system to push air through the vents. By replacing the air filter, the air can move better through your ductwork.

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