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Protect Your Electricity Before The First Snowfall

Protect Your Electricity Before The First Snowfall

The winter seasons can bring some gorgeous scenic views that your family will enjoy. As a homeowner, the winter season can bring damaging snow, ice, and moisture to the many parts of your home. Use the safety tips below to protect your electricity during the winter season.

Prepping Your Electrical System Before the Storm

The best time to protect your home from electrical damage is before the winter weather hits. Now is the time to stock up on your snow removal equipment and check the state of your electrical wires. Check the outside wires and electrical components for fraying or rodent infestation.

Check your inside electrical components to ensure that they’re plugged into your outlets. You never want to run any electrical cords under your rugs or carpeting, as that can be a major fire hazard. Additionally, be mindful of what you’re plugging into your electric outlets. Plugging in appliances that need too much electricity. This includes space heaters, which can cause overheating of cords and power strips. This could lead to a house fire.

Trim Up Those Trees

One of the biggest outdoor dangers of the winter season is heavy snow busting branches. For this reason, it’s advisable to assess the trees around your home. You should trim any branches that overlap your roof or anywhere that you may walk.

Remember that snow can turn to ice over days of sun and freezing weather. Ice can get very heavy and cause even the sturdiest of branches to come crashing down. If you notice any branches over your electrical lines, do yourself a favor and trim those back as well.

Get an Outdoor Electrical Inspection

If you’re not familiar with what to look for outside, you should consult an electrician. They can locate your outside electrical features and check their condition. An electrician can tell you if trees need trimming or if any of your wiring needs repairs.

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While the winter has you dreaming of snow and cocoa, you need to consider your home’s electric system. Electricity is not something you can do without in the wintertime. Be sure to contact our professionals today to get your electric system checked out. You can rest well knowing it’s prepared to take on the wild winter weather.

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