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Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Air Ducts

Signs That It's Time To Replace Your Air Ducts

If you happen to ask most people about the last time they had an air duct repair or replacement, you would find that most forget about it. We tend to ignore these essential systems and assume that they will last forever. Be that as it may, you ought to have routine checks to ensure your duct systems are working as they should. Air ducts are fundamental aspects of the house ventilation system that assist the HVAC units in air circulation. How do you know your ducts need replacement? Outlined below are some highlights to assist and give you a heads-up when your air duct system is close to failing.

Noisy Operation

It goes without saying that anything that changes its original sound after being in use has a fault. You may notice it becomes noisy when you turn on the A/C or heat. You may even feel a bit of shaking in the walls. It is at this moment that you need to call your HVAC professional for an inspection.

Poor Airflow

This will usually manifest in the rise in energy bills and filthiness in your house. Ducts play an important role in the HVAC system for best performance. This achieves the desired cooling or heating within your home. At times, you will experience variances in hot and cold spots within your house which is a sign of uneven airflow or heating.

Age of the System

Usually, air ducts have a span of up to 10 years but with poor practices, they may not last that long. It’s possible that the joints, seals, and seams are vulnerable to wear and tear. This can cause leakages in the pressure systems.

Poor Cooling Performance

If your A/C is on but your home does not feel any cooler, then it’s time to have the air filter checked for a possible clog. If you check the air filter, and it’s not too dirty, you could have a clog or leak somewhere in the air ducts.  If this is the case, have one of our licensed HVAC professionals inspect it.

Visible Dents and Punctures

The moment you see dents or holes on your air ducts, it’s a clear sign that replacement is inevitable. These can prevent the air from flowing through the system at an equal rate. An HVAC professional will come out to inspect the system. If it needs a replacement, we will tell you if you need repair or a replacement.

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The optimal operation of our air duct systems is of utmost importance when it comes to clean and efficient air circulation within our homes. Should any of the highlighted signs show up in your home, get in touch with us for more information about your HVAC system maintenance.

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