Spooky HVAC Stories


Spooky HVAC Stories

Kid dressed as ghost holding a jack-o-lantern

Whether you are a dedicated horror movie fan or simply love the thrills and fun of Halloween, October is a month when you may be a little on edge. If you are looking for answers to the questions you may have about the fear of a damaged HVAC system, you should call in our technicians to ensure everything is running in the right way. When you work with our team of experts, you will have the confidence to look back at your HVAC issues as a horror story to tell the kids.

A Spookily Cold Room

We have all heard the stories about our family or friends having a single room in their home that is always cold. They may even have joked about a vengeful ghost spending their time in the room, lowering the temperature to freezing. We believe there could be a more practical reason for this Halloween haunting: a blocked air filter not allowing heated air to move into the room. A little scarier is another option that your home may have an HVAC system that is sized incorrectly for your property's square footage.

The Mysterious Banging Noise

Almost every classic ghost story you will hear over the Halloween season will include a scary screeching noise or a loud banging going on somewhere in a home. If you hear a screech or banging in your home, you may want to call us instead of a paranormal investigator because this is often a symptom of a damaged HVAC system. A scary screeching sound could be warning you of a damaged belt or motor. Similarly, a banging noise in your system could be down to a simple buildup of gas in your furnace being released every so often.

The Slowly Closing Door

How often have you sat in your living room or bedroom and watched a door slowly close on its own? If you are looking at this door close and think it is part of a spectral haunting in your home, you are probably wrong. We often hear about doors that close themselves and know there are a few answers to the enigma of why they close. The first option is a simple draft letting air into your living areas and pushing the door closed. The second is a problem we can help you solve because it could be a pressure imbalance within your property.

If you are scared your HVAC system may be haunting you over Halloween, call us today to schedule an appointment and make sure your heating and air issues are not the scariest part of all Hallow's Eve.

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