Spring Cleaning Your HVAC Unit


Spring Cleaning Your HVAC Unit

Spring Cleaning Your HVAC Unit

Spring Cleaning is Around the Corner

As spring fever hits, and everyone is spring cleaning, spring isn't just in the air, it is in the air conditioning! When the first signs of humidity and warmer days begin to raise the temperatures outside, you can be sure the temperatures inside our homes are rising too. We all know what this means...it's time to turn on the air conditioning. How long has it been since your HVAC system been checked or had maintenance?

Don't Be a Hot Homeowner

If your system has a problem, you can get angry as well as feeling hot. Many people take for granted the importance of regular HVAC service. The problems that can arise with unchecked systems actually have simple and very affordable solutions. Common problems that HVAC Professionals see on a regular basis can wreak havoc in even the newest AC units causing leaks, broken condensers, and more.
Two occurrences can create big problems for outdoor condensing units. Rodents like mice or snakes and even squirrels can take up residence inside the unit during the cold winter months and either die or chew through parts. Also, overgrown bushes or grass can begin to branch out too close and get wedged inside the fan or motor.

Some Do's and Don'ts for staying Cool

Homeowners can add years of life to their HVAC system with regular filter changes. If there are units in hard to reach places such as crawl spaces or attics it is a great idea to have an HVAC professional manage this task. Include a test of your thermostat can be beneficial because if it is faulty, it can cause a unit to run too much causing larger monthly costs.
If a system is not cooling enough, it is common to turn the temperature down more, but this can intensify a problem that may unknowingly exist. How often should you get your HVAC system serviced? It is recommended that you get your system looked at once or twice a year. The average system lasts about 8-10 years before a replacement is needed.
Don't let “out of sight, out of mind” be your motto! Cleaning some of the working parts in the units inside your home and the outdoor unit can extend the life and the functionality of your system. Stay cool and comfortable with peace of mind that your units are working properly by calling our HVAC Professionals this spring!

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