The Difference Between Commercial and Residential HVAC


The Difference Between Commercial and Residential HVAC

Commercial and Residential HVAC

Good HVAC systems will provide thermal control and indoor comfort. HVAC systems have two distinct categories: commercial and residential. Both systems vary in size, power, location, and complexity. The residential systems serve homes and small business areas. Commercial systems serve larger areas such as warehouses and bigger stores. Although they can seem similar, we are going to explain the main differences.

Size and Power

A commercial HVAC system has to be big and powerful to cater to the needs of larger buildings. Business buildings areas are more extensive than shelter areas. They account for a more significant number of people. Residential HVAC systems are smaller because they have less space to heat and cool. HVAC professionals must be sure to find the right sized system to meet the buildings’ balance.

Design Intricacy

Commercial HVAC systems can execute a great deal. Thus, the system is complex to meet these needs. A residential HVAC system operates to heat and cool a single home, so it has less requirements. HVAC systems for homes have two units: an indoor evaporator and an outdoor compressor. But, the commercial HVAC system combine heating and cooling into one system on the roof. Also, HVAC units for business areas may appear to be a child’s play in accessing. It’s important to note that they are more complex to repair and to maintain than the home units. The units will need an HVAC professional to service or do any repairs.

Location of Installation

Residential systems are often located in the backyard or by the building’s side. They are set there because it would be easy to access during duct cleaning and regular services. Also, homes with a backyard provide the required space. For business buildings, the HVAC system is often located on the roof of the building. They are on the roof because they usually need ample space. The roof has a lot of unused space that can come handy. The positioning at the roof also secures the systems from theft. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, it won’t disturb the daily activities in the building.

Repair and Maintenance Cost

A home’s HVAC system is less complicated. So, you can do the maintenance yourself. Repairs such as changing air filters can be cheaper. For trade area systems that are complex and massive, you will need a technician and the money to do the repairs.
We have a scope of the differences between the two types of HVAC system. If you need commercial or residential HVAC services, contact the experts. Cahill Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric is here to help at any time.

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