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Tricks To Keep Your Decorations Electrifying This Halloween

Tricks To Keep Your Decorations Electrifying This Halloween

Halloween is one of the holidays that kicks on the season of outside lighting. When your family is preparing your exterior light show, keep safety in mind. We’re going to share some great safety tips that are worth reading.

Make Sure Your Lighting is UL Approved

You should know that most lights have silver UL labels. This means that the lights have been safety tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). Avoid using any lighting decorations that are not approved by the UL.

Keep Extension Cords In Good Condition

You’re most likely going to need an extension cord or two to get all your decorations lit. It is important to keep your extension cords in good condition. If you notice any exposed wiring or plug rods that have come loose, it’s time to replace the cords.

Only Put On An Electrical Load That Your System Can Handle

Make sure that you know the electrical load for each cord that you use. You should only connect a load up to the amount that the cord can carry. Avoiding overloading any of your electrical cords. This could lead to an electrical disaster.

Check All Your Light Strings

One step that you’ll want to take before putting up your light strings is to test them. Note any broken sockets, faulty plugs, or frayed cords. You should throw away any damaged strings and replace them with new strings.

Make Everything Secure

You should attach all your cords and strings to something sturdy. Use fasteners designed for the cord that you’re dealing with. Never rely on nails or staples to hold up your strings, as this can be dangerous. You don’t want your lights ripping down in the middle of an evening storm on Halloween night.

Be Mindful Of Where You Run Lighting

You should never run extension cords over walkways. It’s very likely that an unsuspecting visitor on Halloween may trip over your cords. Be careful about putting light strings too low as well. You don’t want a visiting child on Halloween to grab ahold of a light string and pull it down.

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