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What Is Included In Your Fall HVAC Inspection?

Fall Maintenance

Every fall, it’s imperative that you have an HVAC pro inspect your heating system. This helps to ensure that your heating system is both safe and efficient. If your heating system has never had an HVAC inspection before, you may not know what all it includes.

Operational Inspection

A basic test that our HVAC pros will perform is an operational inspection. They will check to ensure that your heating system is able to heat all areas of your home. We’ll inspect the state of your ductwork to ensure that you’re not losing your precious heat. We’ll also check your pilot light igniter to ensure it’s working right. Operation maintenance ensures that your system is doing what it’s supposed to.

Safety Inspection

If your system burns fuel through combustion, it creates toxic exhaust fumes. These need to go to the exterior of your home through the vents. These fumes can be dangerous to your family. When inspecting the safety of your system, we detect any carbon monoxide leaks. Additionally, we’ll examine your heat exchanger. We will ensure that there are no combustible materials near your heating system.

Efficiency Inspection

Paying your wintertime heating bill can be a challenge for many. One of the best ways to keep your heating bills low is to ensure that your system is operating at its best. An efficiency inspection checks the amperage of the blower motor and inducer motor. They also inspect the flue pipe and other components of your heating system. As part of this inspection, we will clean the internal components of your system.

Key Benefits of Fall HVAC Maintenance

The biggest benefit of fall HVAC maintenance is that it reduces your risk of a breakdown in the winter. It also helps to ensure that your system is efficient so that you can save money on your heating bills. With most heating system manufacturers, they need to get annual HVAC maintenance. If you fail to do so, they can actually void the existing warranty on your system. This can leave you paying for potential future repairs with your own money. A fall inspection is great for enhancing your indoor air quality level. As we head into fall, this is more vital than ever since your family will be spending most of their time inside. An inspection will also ensure that your heating system is safe so that you can have peace of mind.

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If it’s time for your fall HVAC maintenance, then contact us today. Our HVAC professionals will inspect your heating system to get it ready for the winter.

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