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What Types of Heating Systems Are There?

Home Heating Systems

In the olden days, humans used the heat of burning wood to help stay warm during the cold winter months. As time has progressed, so has the evolution of technology in our day-to-day society. As of right now, there are many different types of heating systems. You get to choose how to heat your home during the cold winter season.

Forced-Air Furnace

The most common warming system in the US is the forced air distribution furnace. A furnace can use many different fuels, with gas being the most popular. The warming air goes through the ducts in your home and is distributed to the various rooms.

Boiler Radiator

Another common warming system used in homes is the boiler radiator distribution system. This type of warming system is like a furnace. It can use different types of fuels to create heat. But, it varies in the fact that the boiler actually heats up hot water and can even create steam. This hot water or steam goes through various pipes in your home and into the radiators.

Heat Pump

The heat pump is common and often recommended by HVAC professionals. This type of warming system uses electricity and refrigerant to move heat. Heat pumps are best for homes that are in moderate climates. This is where the temperatures very rarely dip below freezing.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid warming systems are exactly as they sound. They are a combination of a heat pump and another type of warming system, like a boiler or furnace. With this system, you get the energy efficiency from a heat pump during the mildest days of the year. But, when temperatures dip below freezing, your other warming system can take over. This hybrid system keeps it efficient even when the temperatures get below freezing.

Baseboard Heaters

Baseboard heaters, also referred to as electric heat, are another warming system option. These use electricity and emit heat with the baseboards attached to the walls in your home. Since they’re relying on electricity, they are an expensive type of heating option. They’re recommended for situations where you need to add supplemental heat to a home.

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