When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?


When Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

Clean Air Ducts

If you have a centralized heating and cooling system, then you have ductwork. This ductwork runs all throughout your home. This ducting connects to both your furnace and air conditioner. It also moves the treated air throughout the many rooms of your home. Your ducting works to return air from your home to your heating or cooling system. This helps to re-treat the air and send it back.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

On average, homeowners need to have their ductwork and vents cleaned every two to five years. The specific aspects of your home are going to play a large role in how often you clean your air ducts. If you have ten people in your home, you will need to clean your ducts more often than a home with only two people. This is also true if you have pets or people with allergies in the home.

Persistent Allergy Symptoms

If you or someone in your home has allergies, it's best to get your ductwork and vents cleaned often. Allergies are worse with unhealthy airborne particles blowing inside your home. When you have your ducts cleaned, it will remove a lot of those unhealthy particles. This helps you to breathe easier in your home.

Mold Smell

Mold thrives in damp and humid environments, like your ducting. If you start to smell a musty odor in the air, it's likely that there is mold growing in your air ducts. You may even notice some mold growing on your air vents. It's best to get your ducts cleaned out and sanitized by one of our HVAC professionals. You never want to ignore mold growth in your ducts as it could be dangerous to your health.

Excess Airborne Dust and Debris

You need to have a professional clean your ducts if you notice a lot of dust floating around your home. As time passes, your ducts will collect more airborne particles. This could include things like dust, pet dander, dead skin cells, and other allergens. You'll be able to spot visible proof of dusty surfaces throughout your home. This includes your air vents.

Moving Into a New Home

Moving to a new home can be very exciting. While you may have some initial projects in mind, you should start with the HVAC system. You want to have your ducts cleaned when you move into a new home. You don't know when the last homeowner cleaned it. It's best to have a professional clean your ventilation system.

Pest Infestation

Air ducts make the perfect home for many pests. Over time, you may notice that there is less air coming out of one or more of your vents. You may also pick up on a distinctive odor. As soon as you notice a problem, it's best to get it addressed with a proper duct cleaning by one of our HVAC pros. An infestation in your air ducts can lead to poor air quality and reduced performance. It can even damage your HVAC system.

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