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Why Do My Air Ducts Shake?

Air ducts in a basement.

To deliver cool and warm air in your home, your ducting is an essential component to make that happen. It allows your HVAC units to have a straight path to deliver that treated air to each room of your home. This allows your family to be comfortable no matter what season it is. Air ducts are sensitive and can leave them susceptible to issues. These issues can cause them to shake while your system is running.

Look for Obstructions

One common reason that your air ducts may shake and make a noise is that there is an obstruction inside of them. Take a moment and try and locate exactly which section of your air ducts the shake is most prominent. If you can access that area of ducting, then go ahead and pop off the vent cover and see what’s stuck inside your ducting. If you can’t access that section, you may need to call in a professional. They have the right equipment to remove whatever obstructions are inside your ductwork. If there are remnants of pests in your ducting, contact an exterminator to remove them. It’s not uncommon for mice and other small rodents to nest inside your ducting. This happens when there are big enough gaps for them to get into it.

Check for Loose Connections

As the temperature changes, the ducting throughout your home will expand and contract. Over time, this can loosen up some of the joints. Loose joints can lead to that unwanted shake. This can create that unpleasant noise that you hear when your HVAC system is in operation. Once you locate where the noise is most prominent, check to see if the joints in that area are loose. All you need to do is push them together. Consider applying the appropriate foil tape to hold the connection in place better.

Contact an HVAC Professional

If you’ve looked for obstructions and loose connections with no success, contact an HVAC tech. They will be able to use their knowledge and experience to locate the source of the noise and shake. Additionally, they’re going to have the appropriate equipment to examine your ductwork. They can access areas that you’re not able to.

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