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Why Do My Lights Keep Dimming?

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Having a well-functioning electrical system is an absolute necessity today. We rely on electricity to power many other aspects of our lives, like our cell phones and computers. If you’ve noticed that your household lights dim without you touching it, it’s time to look into the issue.

Incompatible Light Bulbs

A reason for dimming with new lights is that they’re not compatible with the dimmer switches. Many people find out the hard way that CFL bulbs don’t work with most dimmer switch setups. Replacing these bulbs with ones that are compatible can usually solve dimming lights.

Circuit Overload

If you notice that your lights seem to dim when an appliance turns on, you have an overloaded circuit. Many people experience this issue when they turn on their HVAC system, dryer, or microwave. This type of issue is more common in older homes. They don’t have circuits that can support the demands of the 21st century. To solve this issue, you’ll need to call in an electrician. They can rewire your breaker setup to accommodate your modern electricity needs.

Outdated Wiring

Another cause of your dimming lights without any interaction is old, outdated wiring. Old wiring tends to have issues dealing with modern-day electricity needs. Many times, you’ll notice voltage dropping in the form of your lights dimming. You’ll need to call in a licensed electrician to assess the issue. They can see what part of your home’s electrical system needs rewiring to meet your new demands.

Power Grid Issues

Another issue that may be responsible for your lights dimming is an issue with your power supply. When there’s a problem with your electricity company, your power supply may be less than usual. This will cause your lights to dim down. This will only happen for a short period of time, and then power will return back to its fullest potential.

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If you’re having trouble with your household lights dimming, then it’s time to contact us. Let our knowledgeable electricians help you find the cause of your lighting issues. We can fix your electricity to ensure that it doesn’t happen again going into the future.

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