energy bill

As a homeowner, you're responsible for all the bills that your home produces. One of the highest is likely your electric bill. While you may not realize it, there are some bad habits that may be driving up the cost of your electric bills.

Dirty HVAC Coils

If you don't get your HVAC system cleaned every year, your condenser coils are filthy with debris. The thicker this film of debris is, the harder your HVAC system has to work. Dirty condenser coils can raise the energy consumption of your compressor unit by 30%.

Outdated Appliances

An old dirty hepa filter.
You have two main options for cooling your home. You can utilize a centralized HVAC air conditioning unit, or you can opt for keeping the windows open. Which one will be more energy efficient?
Air Conditioning or Windows: Which is Better?
Summer is coming to an end, and it is almost time for fall. For most, the autumn season is a welcome break from the heat, but this time of the year can also strain your energy bill. Cooler weather means that you will be running your heat more often.
Reducing Your Energy Cost