How Does a Digital Thermostat Work?


How Does a Digital Thermostat Work?

Digital Thermostat

When it comes to enhancing the quality of your indoor comfort and keeping energy bills at bay, investing in a digital thermostat can be the answer. Many homeowners are familiar with a traditional analog thermostat where they moved the knob to their desired temperature. However, more and more homeowners are learning of the many benefits that upgrading from an analog to a digital thermostat can provide for them.

What Are Digital Thermostats?

A digital thermostat allows a homeowner to adjust their indoor temperature to create a programmable schedule for heating and cooling of their home. Unlike analog thermostats, digital ones will have a digital display for the temperature and settings. Many digital thermostats are actually smart thermostats that will sync with your digital devices. This allows you to control your thermostat from anywhere you have an internet connection.

How Do Digital Thermostats Work?

Most of these thermostats on the market have a built-in clock. This indicates the date and time and allows the homeowner to set their thermostat for future dates. Many homeowners opt for programming their thermostat to turn down the heat just before bed and turn up the heat before they wake up in the morning. This helps them to save on energy costs by maximizing system performance. As you start working with a digital thermostat, you'll come to enjoy the variations of programming that will even allow you to switch up its programming depending on the day of the week.

The Internal Components

All thermostats work in basically the same way. They work by sending a current through an internal component called a thermistor. This measures the resistance of the current which aids in calculating the indoor temperature. The thermostat then uses this indoor air temperature reading to compare to the preset temperature of the heater or air conditioner. If there is a variation, the thermostat will send a signal to the unit to turn on to alter the temperature closer to the desired preset.

Benefits Of Digital Thermostats

Now that you know how digital thermostats work, it's time to consider why you should invest in one. First and foremost, these thermostats work to save you money. It's estimated that 50 percent of home energy costs are attributed to the use of heating and cooling systems. Therefore, it's important that you ensure these systems are optimized. A digital thermostat gives you the ability to preset temperatures. This means that you can kick down the heat or air conditioning in the daytime when you're at work. This will work to reduce your system's energy costs as it won't need to work so hard to maintain comfortable temperatures. When you go digital, you can also save yourself the trouble of having to fool around with the temperatures of your system every day. You can simply set it and forget it.

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