How To Protect Outdoor Outlets From The Elements


How To Protect Outdoor Outlets From The Elements

Outdoor Outlets

A bright sunny day can turn into a rainstorm at any moment and can leave you soaking wet. Meteorologists provide us with some warnings about the weather. But, they can't always predict everything. It's necessary to protect your outdoor outlets from the various elements. This helps to ensure that they stay in good working condition.

Ensure It's a GFCI Outlet

According to the National Electric Code, all outdoor outlets need to be GFCI. This stands for ground-fault circuit interrupter. Most people can identify these types of outlets by their test and reset buttons. These are the outdoor outlets of choice because they protect against electrical shocks. They do this by monitoring and eliminating a sustained current when it detects a short.

Install Bubble Covers

One of the best ways to keep the outdoor elements out of your home's outlets is to install a bubble cover over them. This type of cover encases the outlets and allows for a small space at its bottom for cords to exit. These covers make it almost impossible for any liquid to enter your outdoor outlets.

Don't Use Permanent Extension Cords

While extension cords can be very helpful from time to time, you shouldn't rely on them all the time. When it comes to the outdoors, you never want to use an extension cord as a permanent electrical solution. Consider calling an electrician to install another outlet or two on the outside of your home. This way,  you can use all your outlets in a safe manner.

Keep Your Vegetation Trimmed

Another way to protect your outdoor outlets from the elements is to trim back any vegetation. It's not uncommon for shrubs or flowers to grow up and around your outdoor outlets. This vegetation can collect water and allow it to come into contact with the GFCI. It's best to keep a good foot of space surrounding each outdoor outlet. This helps to ensure that any vegetation on your property cannot mess with it.

Examine Them Every Year

It's a good rule to examine the state of your outdoor electrical GFCI receptacles each year. You want to look for any chalking or cracking at the outlet. If you notice any damage or signs of excessive wear, then it's time to have them assessed by an electrician. They will be able to determine if they need to replace the GFCI and do so in a safe manner. Examining your exterior GFCIs will help to protect your home. You don't want any electrical problems due to the outdoor elements.

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